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Why Ross E. Pitcoff Opened His Law Firm

by | Apr 11, 2023

As a lawyer and business owner, I tend to get asked these common questions: ‘did you always want to be a lawyer?’ and ‘why did you start your own law firm?
The answer is fairly simple — I wanted to be a business owner!
I wanted to create my own destiny, to make my own decisions and make my own determinations about how I would lead my life. Not only that but I wanted to help others like myself. I wanted to advise and guide others in ways that I thought were best and not simply to what other people “required of me”.
With that combination of wanting to be in control of my own destiny and wanting to serve and assist others, that would allow me to be more creative and to serve the best interest of those that required help in my field. This drove me to start my law firm, Pitcoff Law Group, PC.
As a business owner myself, I understand that being a business owner leads to a lot of strife.
From the business side of things, not having your ‘ducks-in-a-row’ as they say, may lead to struggles such as cash crunches, hiring determinations, struggles with insuring that financials are in order and that proper foundations are set. You need to make sure that all the roles and responsibilities are outlined and that proper procedures are put in place. You also need to speak and deal with third-parties and venders and service providers as needed for the business to grow.
All of the above can lead to a lot of anxiety, stress, difficulties and challenges, which could ultimately lead to litigation, which is why it’s fundamental to understand the importance of building your business properly, starting with it’s foundation.
A few important points to have in place: it’s important to have your legal financials, legal controls, legal documentations, policies and procedures, and agreements all put in place. Coupled with having to understand the best way to deal with disputes for third parties to ensure that you’re able to reach resolutions and to not cripple the business. These are essential for any business formation to succeed. If you are in need of assistance, do not hesitate to reach out. These are notions that I do personally on a daily basis. This goes not just for my own firm, but for all of the clients that we serve.
So you ask, why us? Why our firm?
We are a team of dedicated individuals who are all involved in one way or another with building up the business and being a team to seek success.
The Pitcoff Law Group team all personally and professionally have dealt with disputes, with not only making sure that the business is properly built up, but dealing with the ramifications of third parties, how to handle matters, how to ensure best outcomes, and how to reach conclusions on contentious or contiguous matters in a way where business can carry on and hopefully there is a silver-lining where there is a better path moving forward.
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