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Why Creativity is Important in the Workplace

by | Jun 22, 2023

As artist and lawyer, Ragen Moss states: “Typologies of thought are more interrelated than bulky categories like ‘lawyer’ or ‘artist’ allow. Creativity is not displaced by other manners of thinking – it runs alongside, with, into, and sometimes from other manners of thinking.”
Creativity is highly sought after by clients, even if it remains somewhat unacknowledged by those within the legal profession. We believe that our clients value lawyers who are capable of coming up with different solutions to the problems that they may be facing.
The world is changing – people, culture, and expectations have shifted, and the practice of law must follow suit. In a profession where precedent is heavily relied upon, it can be difficult to see where such creativity can be introduced, but by starting small, it can get easier. We believe that future lawyers need to be more creative and innovative in their approach to problem-solving. It lobbies for a transformational change in the way lawyers are trained and developed, with a focus on originality.
Creativity is certainly a desirable quality for a lawyer to have and often goes hand-in-hand with being innovative. Law firms should give themselves permission to be innovative by thinking of themselves as a business not just a learned profession, and realize that they have customers and competitors.
It’s very easy to see, read, hear or learn what we want to but we need to step out of our comfort zone and think differently and creatively, to focus on what’s directly in front of us and what’s possible, rather than basing our actions on past experiences.
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