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When business turns into a game of thrones …

by | May 29, 2024

When business turns into a game of thrones… 🔪
Just like the infamous “Red Wedding” episode in Game of Thrones, sometimes business disputes can escalate quickly, resulting in unexpected casualties.
Whether it’s a partnership gone sour or a deal gone awry, navigating through these conflicts requires strategy, diplomacy, and sometimes a little bit of cunning.
Remember, in the game of business, you win or you… well, you definitely don’t want to end up like a character at the Red Wedding.
At Pitcoff Law Group, we specialize in navigating complex business conflicts and disputes with precision and expertise. Our experienced attorneys understand the importance of strategic thinking and proactive legal solutions to protect your business interests and prevent unexpected setbacks.
Don’t let your business become a casualty in the game of thrones.
Trust Pitcoff Law Group to guide you through challenging times and ensure that your business thrives despite the obstacles. Contact us today by calling: (646) 386-0990 or emailing:
Let’s strategize together and safeguard your business from unexpected “Red Wedding” moments.



Resolving Business-Partnership Disputes with Pitcoff Law Group:

Our Firm’s priority and specialty lies within the complex world of business partnership disputes. Business partnership disputes can be of many varieties; often they involve Founders or Owners of privately held companies where there are at least two members or shareholders. A dispute has arisen that is not resolving on its own.
These types of claims can involve many facets of the law, including contractual breaches, fiduciary breaches, fraud, violations of trade secrets, unjust enrichment, conversion of company assets, corporate waste and more.
Business partnership disputes need to be handled with extreme care, and that is why it is essential that you work with a law firm that understands these issues, and will listen to your precise desires and needs in order to create a game plan aligned with your ultimate desired outcome.
Out of court demand letters, proposed mediation, litigation, along with emergency applications for temporary restraining orders and/or injunctive relief are all part of the analysis when considering what to do when you either need to sue a partner, or are being sued by your business.
Most of the time, our clients come to us in a state of extreme agitation, worried about what the impact of the dispute will be on their business, their family, their finances, or their lifestyle. We work with our clients to figure out what their desired outcome would be – e.g., a sale of the Company, a buyout, or an injunction and division of assets.
In other scenarios, our clients wish to see bad-faith partners ejected from the business so that they can continue to operate it. The process for removing a volatile and/or bad faith business partner heavily depends upon the wording of the Company’s operative documents, so it is imperative that you maintain copies of these crucial legal papers.
We understand the specific needs of individuals going through business partnership disputes, as we too, of course, are a business composed of lawyers. We are here to serve, help, and bring you peace of mind by setting strategies and goals aligned with your desires and best interests.