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The Obstacle IS The Way

by | Jan 5, 2023

The year was 2018 – it was just before Thanksgiving break.
I, Ross Pitcoff, had recently started my practice, Pitcoff Law Group, PC, and knew that between expenses, overhead, rent etc. I was going to have a difficult time making payments.
I just didn’t realize HOW difficult things were about to get…
While I had managed to collect a handful of clients that could cover some costs and expenses, costs unexpectedly skyrocketed.
And so, on the eve of Thanksgiving, I watched as my car was towed away for repossession due to a failure to make monthly lease payments.
This was a sad time, a shocking & scary time, but I swear I recall the feeling within me telling me.. this is your turning point and you will never forget this moment when you have your success.
I was embarrassed, scared, didn’t want to face the world, but also truly believed that the difficulties would pass… in time… with effort, perseverance , learning and courage.
The rest of 2018 was spent getting out of necessary debts.
By 2019 I had developed a strategy to obtain new clients and was beginning to dig myself out of the hole of credit card debt I had created.
By May of ’19 I had doubled my entire income for 2018.
In 2020, when many law firms shrank, I grew.
In 2021 WE doubled again.
And now, as we round out 2022, I can say it is a pleasure to manage a firm serving a rolodex of clients with a growing staff of team members who are all motivated, dedicated and share a joint interest in genuinely wanting to fight for the rights of those who have been aggrieved.
Giving our clients an opportunity to have a better life is what we do. Law is what we practice.
Cheers to 2022, and I’m very excited and grateful to welcome in 2023 with our growing team.
I guess it’s true what they say – the Obstacle IS the way.