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Roslyn Heights, NY Intellectual Property Litigation Lawyers

Protecting your valuable assets from abusive copyright use or defending yourself against trademark infringement necessitates the services of intellectual property litigation attorneys.
Whether it’s fighting for your artwork, stopping another from selling your product, or preventing a third party from using your brand, you need an advocate with an in-depth understanding of intellectual property law. That’s Pitcoff Law Group! Our Roslyn Heights intellectual property litigation lawyers can help you.
In times of intellectual property disputes, our clients can feel secure thanks to our vast courtroom experience and unwavering dedication to the field.
Our team excels in conducting thorough investigations, meticulous preparation, and skillful advocacy. We are dedicated to our clients, guiding them seamlessly through every step of the case, from preparation to litigation.
We have the intellectual property litigation experience to keep your valuable resources from being used without your permission (and keep you from baseless lawsuits!).
Reach out to our Roslyn Heights intellectual property litigation lawyers today to discuss your case.
Roslyn Heights Intellectual Property Litigation Lawyers
Types of IP Infringement
Infringement of intellectual property (IP) is a serious matter for businesses and can prove fatal to their success and reputation. There are various forms of IP infringement that can harm a business and prevent it from flourishing.
  • Copyright infringement is when a person or entity uses copyrighted material without permission. They might copy and distribute a copyrighted work (song, movie, computer program, etc) without a legal right to do so.
  • Trademark infringement is when someone or some entity uses a trademarked name, logo or symbol without authorization and could mislead consumers and harm the reputation of the brand.
  • Patent infringement can also be a problem for businesses that use innovative technology or a process to do business. When someone or some entity uses, sells or makes a patented invention without permission, it can diminish the value of the patent’s exclusive rights.
  • Trade secret misappropriation pertains to the misappropriation of secret information used in a business. This can give a company’s competitors an unfair advantage, which will make it impossible for a company to keep its competitive edge in the market.
In conclusion, the prevention of these types of IP infringement are very important to businesses to protect their interests in the market and to keep their company at a productive pace.
Legal Strategies To Prevent IP Infringement
If someone ever infringes on your copyright, your patent or your trademark, taking the following steps with the help of our Roslyn Heights intellectual property litigation lawyers can help you safeguard your brand’s future!
1. A first step is to gather evidence: any copyright registrations or patents; correspondence or licenses; and, of course, evidence of infringement, such as screenshots or copies of unauthorized use of your property.
2. Once you have collected enough evidence, you should contact an experienced intellectual property attorney who can advise you with regard to the legal proceeding. If significant evidence supports the infringement of your intellectual property, your attorney can assist you in writing a cease and desist letter, in which you demand the infringer immediately cease their infringing activities and potentially pay damages.
3. In the event the party mentioned in the cease and desist letter does not stop its infringing actions, you could file a lawsuit. Your attorney will help you draft and then file the court documents, and then represent you at trial. And then, after initiating litigation, the attorney will continue to communicate with you and seek additional evidence to support your case.
4. Your lawyer has the option to negotiate a settlement with the other party or explore alternative dispute resolution methods like mediation or arbitration. These approaches can be more efficient and cost-effective compared to going to court, offering you a chance to resolve the dispute without a lengthy legal battle.
5. Litigation can be a lengthy and costly process, so an IP case can easily stretch out for years at significant expense. However, having a strong litigation strategy combined with the representation of counsel with ample patent litigation experience will maximize the likelihood that you prevail and that your rights are sufficiently protected to thwart infringement.
Protect Your Creative Property With Help From Pitcoff Law Group
If others capitalize on your creativity and such infringement impacts your business, you might be entitled to compensation. Intellectual property infringement is a serious matter that can be difficult to prove. Hiring the right intellectual property litigation attorney can make a difference in the outcome of your case.
The attorneys at Pitcoff Law Group have extensive experience in infringement cases and can protect your copyright, trademark or patent.
Do not settle for just any lawyer if your creative property has been violated; instead, work with a firm that is knowledgeable about the law, has experience with copyright, trademark, and patent infringement cases, and can help you reach a settlement that will maximize your chances of success!
Contact our Roslyn Heights intellectual property litigation lawyers today for an evaluation of your case and a strategy for how to help you win your case. We would be happy to assist you.

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