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by | Jun 27, 2023

As a local business owner, you understand the importance of safeguarding your company’s interests and ensuring its growth and success.
At Pitcoff Law Group, we specialize in business litigation and corporate transactional law, serving as your trusted partner and General Counsel. Allow us to introduce ourselves and demonstrate how our expertise can protect and empower your business.
With extensive experience in handling a wide range of legal matters, our team of skilled lawyers is well-versed in navigating complex challenges and resolving disputes.
Here’s a glimpse of what we can assist you with:
1. Breaches of Contracts: Whether it’s partnership agreements, operating agreements, shareholder agreements, oral agreements, vendor agreements, or even promissory notes, we have the knowledge and resources to handle breaches effectively.
2. Fraud and Misrepresentation: Our dedicated attorneys are equipped to tackle cases involving fraudulent conduct and misrepresentations, ensuring your business stays protected against unscrupulous practices.
3. Compliance with Securities Laws: Navigating the intricacies of securities laws can be daunting. Pitcoff Law Group offers comprehensive guidance to help you stay compliant and avoid legal pitfalls.
4. Intellectual Property (IP) Infringements: We understand the value of your intellectual property and the importance of defending it. Count on us to protect your trademarks, copyrights, and patents from infringement.
5. Business Dissolutions: When the need arises for business dissolutions, our firm provides guidance and strategic solutions to ensure a smooth and fair process for all parties involved.
6. Drafting Essential Agreements: From partnership agreements and operating agreements to shareholder agreements and contracts, our meticulous drafting services ensure your legal documents are comprehensive and tailored to your specific needs.
7. Mergers, Acquisitions, and Closings: Planning to sell or acquire a business? Our experienced team will guide you through the intricate process, conducting due diligence, negotiating agreements, and facilitating successful closings.
8. Licensing and Manufacturing Agreements: We assist businesses in securing licensing agreements and establishing manufacturing contracts, allowing you to expand your operations and capitalize on new opportunities.
9. Employment and Contractor Agreements: Protect your business and establish clear working relationships with employees and contractors through carefully drafted employment and independent contractor agreements.
10. Consulting Services: Our legal expertise extends to providing valuable insights and consulting services, allowing you to make informed decisions and navigate legal complexities confidently.
At Pitcoff Law Group, we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence, providing you with personalized attention, sound advice, and effective legal representation. Our track record of success, combined with our deep understanding of New York business law, makes us the trusted choice for local business owners such as yourself.
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