Fashion and Design Law

Fashion and Design Law in New York

Fashion and design law is an increasingly important part of a comprehensive intellectual property strategy for many companies. Pitcoff Law Group’s fashion and design legal professionals know the business inside and out — advising some of the world’s most well-established brands, tailoring solutions on everything from protection and exploitation of intellectual property to licensing and franchising.

From individual designers to large fashion-houses and building-design companies at the forefront of innovation, our team will help assist you with plans for your brand or business, protect your rights and manage contracts for you. With the ability to combine both legal and business insights, we help structure and improve your business.

At Pitcoff Law Group, we strive to match the ambition, determination, and creativity of our clients in the fashion and design industry and help them grow. We can help you meet your long-term aspirations, safeguard your success and maintain it in the future!

Tailored for your legal needs!

Why Choose Us?

We’re experts in handling the following matters:

  • Trademarks, Design Registrations and Oppositions
  • Comprehensive Design Protection
  • Innovative integration of Design Rights
  • Handling Legal Affairs for Fashion Events and Runway Shows
  • Supply Chain Management including Contract Reviews and Negotiations
  • Advising in Business Structures
  • Consumer Protection Advice and Compliance
  • Debt Recovery

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