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Resolving Shareholder Disputes Is Our Team’s Primary Focus.
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A shareholder dispute can be just as complicated, sensitive, and tense as a fight between immediate family members; just like family fights, shareholder disputes start inside the company between people who all have a financial stake in the company’s future. How these conflicts are managed can (again, like a family feud) affect a company’s legacy for decades – IF the company survives the falling out.
At Pitcoff Law Group, we’re problem solvers, and we are dedicated to helping your business find a solution that a) doesn’t cost you tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees and b) doesn’t dissolve the company.
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Minden Shareholder Dispute Lawyers
Shareholder Disputes Our Law Firm Frequently Handles
Shareholder disputes aren’t just when someone is outvoted (although that can cause tensions and disagreements to arise) – shareholder disputes mostly occur when someone feels that another person or group infringed upon their rights in some way. Below are a few of the most common types of shareholder disputes that our Port Washington shareholder dispute lawyers assist clients with:
  • Decision-making clash: The shareholder agreement should lay out who gets to make decisions, when, and in what manner. If there are big decisions being made over the company’s direction, such as re-branding or relocating or something else, and someone feels those decisions aren’t being made fairly, that could lead to a conflict.
  • Minority shareholder freeze-out: While shareholders rule by majority, minority shareholders’ rights are protected under the law. If they were frozen out of the decision or not issued proper dividends or otherwise treated unfairly (or they allege they were), they can make claims.
  • Fiduciary mismanagement, and/or fraud: Fiduciary mismanagement refers to someone betraying a trust – perhaps someone acted out of a conflict of interest, or withheld important information. Fraud refers to outright deception, misrepresenting facts or financial information or other fraudulent activity. If a shareholder or company owner is accused of either, we can defend them or pursue action against them for our client.
  • Inequity: If shareholders are not compensated equitably, or don’t contribute equitably, it can cause friction and lead to claims.
  • A breach in the shareholder agreement: Shareholders are legally required to abide by the shareholder agreement, if one exists; it lays out how they are to transfer shares, requirements for investing capital into the company, etc. If this agreement is infringed upon, then someone could bring a claim against the shareholder (or group of shareholders) in question. In these cases, we can examine the agreement and let you know what your legal options are!
Our Approach
Our legal advice and guidance is always personalized to your business’s unique needs. Every document and company and state has a different language, so we take the time to first analyze your specific situation before recommending a course of action.
Generally, you can expect us to review the agreement your company had in place to identify and confirm your rights and responsibilities, as well as the rights and responsibilities of the other shareholders. We’ll determine whether mediation is required per the agreement, and whether (should mediation prove unsuccessful) that arbirtration is required or that litigation is permitted. Even if there was no agreement in place, there are still protections afforded to you under New York’s Limited Liability Company/Business Corporation Law/Partnership Law. We can explain how those laws might apply to you and gather extemporaneous evidence from the business relationship to build your case.
From there, our Port Washington shareholder dispute lawyers can help you decide what you want, what is most important to you, and what you are willing to cede or compromise on – we will negotiate terms on your behalf and use our extensive experience in shareholder dispute law to find a settlement in your favor. If that is not possible, we’re more than prepared to go to court and present a persuasive case!
Shareholder disputes can be complex, but you don’t have to sort through them on your own. We can help you find a cost-effective, common sense resolution that preserves your interests!
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