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Port Washington, NY Business Litigation Lawyers

When Your Business Is Being Sued Or Needs To Bring A Claim, Pitcoff Law Group’s Aggressive Port Washington Business Litigation Lawyers Have Your Back.
If you are facing a lawsuit, or if you need to file one against another party to protect your business’s interests, you may feel stressed out and unsure of where to start. Commercial lawsuits are complex, and there’s a lot riding on the outcome of the dispute – how your business handles a lawsuit can affect your current operations, your reputation, and your business’s short-term and long-term growth. That’s why who you choose to represent you matters!
You have enough on your plate without having to navigate formal legal procedures on your own.
At Pitcoff Law Group, we have over 65 years of combined experience practicing law as well as extensive experience in commercial litigation in New York. Our knowledge can give you an advantage! We’ll work directly with you to find a strategic, cost-effective resolution that accomplishes your business goals.
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Types Of Business Litigation Matters We Handle
No matter how challenging your issue may seem, we have likely dealt with many similar circumstances before and have settled them successfully for other clients.
Our Port Washington business litigation lawyers partner with individuals, institutions, brands, and businesses of all sizes to resolve cases related to:
  • Breach of contract
  • Intellectual property theft
  • Trademark infringement
  • Business torts
  • Shareholder disputes and litigation*
  • Allegations of collusion or unfair competition
  • Worker’s compensation claims
  • Fraud claims
  • Employee allegations (harassment, etc.)
  • Security matters
  • Insurance claims
  • Construction disputes
  • Probate litigation
  • And more.
*Shareholder disputes are the most common type of litigation case we take on – we are highly experienced in these niche matters and know what it takes to find a solution without dissolving the company.
It’s important to note that going to court isn’t always the answer. Trials are expensive and time-consuming, taking valuable focus away from your role of directing the company.
There are many other options we may be able to explore for you depending on your specific situation; we are terrific negotiators, and can strive to attempt a settlement that is in your favor. Settling is the most common way to resolve business disputes. Arbitration or mediation may be another route to a resolution. We can advise you as to which is most likely to preserve your interests!
However, sometimes none of those methods of dispute resolution work; when it becomes clear that going to court is the best way to get what you want, you can rest assured that we will handle all of the preparation, evidence gathering, depositions, and more for you in order to reduce the impact on your business’s day-to-day affairs!
Why Choose Our Port Washington Business Litigation Lawyers To Represent Your Company?
First and foremost, we are problem-solvers. We do whatever is within our power to truly get to the heart of the conflict, settle it in a way that promotes your business’s stability, and prevent similar issues from happening in the future. (For example, if a breach of contract lawsuit was caused by a bad contract, not only will we deal with the suit and defend your rights, but we’ll also work to ensure any contracts you sign from that moment on are clear and legally sound!)
We can find creative ways to approach litigation. Ultimately, our goal is to help you move forward quickly, efficiently, and effectively so you can return to what’s really important – achieving your business dreams.
Other clients have shared that what they valued most about our team was our integrity and strong work ethic. We’re professional but also personable; we’ll be honest with you, and you can trust us to put your company’s well-being first. Our Port Washington business litigation lawyers will take the time to ensure that you feel confident in the game plan!
To be successful in business litigation, you need to have excellent representation on your side. Rely on Pitcoff Law Group for the skilled advocacy your business deserves! Contact our team to see if you qualify for a complimentary consultation to discuss your next steps.
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