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Pitcoff Law Group Triumphs in Homeowner Dispute, Secures Swift Resolution

by | Jan 31, 2024

We’re thrilled to present another success story that highlights our dedication to achieving positive results for our clients!
In a recent case, Pitcoff Law Group represented a Brooklyn homeowner facing a dispute with a contractor seeking over $30,000.00 in fees for remediation services.
Our defense strategy centered on the contractor’s actions being in violation of laws governing home improvement contracts in the State of New York.
Through our dedicated efforts, we achieved a swift and favorable resolution.
Within a week of being retained, the contractor formally agreed in writing to release all claims against our client.
Importantly, no fees were owed to the contractor, marking a total and successful resolution of the matter.
This victory underscores our ability to navigate complex disputes, protect our clients’ interests, and secure prompt and favorable resolutions.
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