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The Legal Brief: Pitcoff Law Group’s May Newsletter

by | Jun 27, 2024

The Legal Brief: Pitcoff Law Group’s May Newsletter

May, 2024



Elevate Your Business Legal Strategy with Pitcoff Law Group: Welcome to the latest edition of the Pitcoff Law Group Newsletter!


New Exciting Updates to Pitcoff Law Group
– Exploring The Intersection of Partnership Disputes & PI Law: A Podcast EP with Laura Moore of Moore Injury Funding
LIVE Recap: How To Stop Your Business Partner From Stealing From You
Recent Resources – Pitcoff Law Group’s Legal Insights
– Navigating Business Dissolution: Protect Your Interests
– Demystifying IP Infringements: Answers To The Top 10 FAQs


At Pitcoff Law Group, we are dedicated to empowering businesses through strategic legal solutions. Our proactive approach to contract drafting and resolution sets us apart. Are you ready to fortify your legal foundations?
Let Pitcoff Law Group be your guide.


New Exciting Additions to Pitcoff Law Group:

We are thrilled to introduce two outstanding individuals who have joined our team at Pitcoff Law Group, each bringing unique skills and experiences that strengthen our firm’s capabilities and commitment to excellence.


Meet Sean Holas, Senior Associate:

Sean Holas joins us as a Senior Associate, specializing in representing our commercial and business clients in complex litigation matters. With extensive experience across various legal domains, Sean brings a strategic approach to problem-solving and a dedication to achieving favorable outcomes for our clients.

Sean’s background includes litigating high-stakes commercial cases involving breach of contract, intellectual property disputes, and complex corporate matters. His expertise in transactional law complements his litigation skills, enabling him to deliver comprehensive solutions tailored to our clients’ needs.

Prior to joining Pitcoff Law Group, Sean’s career encompassed representing franchisors in Manhattan and defending real estate developers in high-exposure cases. His impressive track record underscores his commitment to delivering exceptional legal services. We are delighted to welcome Sean to our team.


Introducing Alina Greenway, Receptionist:

We are pleased to introduce Alina Greenway, our dedicated Receptionist, known for her exceptional work ethic and commitment to service excellence. Alina’s diverse background in Financial Analysis, Operations Management, and Customer Service equips her with a versatile skill set crucial to supporting our team and clients.

Alina’s positive demeanor and outstanding interpersonal skills make her a valuable point of contact for our firm. Her passion for continuous growth and her enthusiasm for collaboration embody the values we hold dear at Pitcoff Law Group.

Outside of work, Alina enjoys family time, exploring literature, and pursuing outdoor adventures. Her vibrant personality and dedication to personal and professional growth make her a wonderful addition to our team.

We invite you to celebrate these exciting additions to our Pitcoff family! Their presence enriches our team, reinforcing our commitment to excellence and personalized service. For more information, contact Pitcoff Law Group today. We would be happy to assist you.


Exploring The Intersection of Partnership Disputes & PI Law

Ross Pitcoff, Founder and Managing Partner of Pitcoff Law Group, was recently featured on a compelling episode of the Moore Injury Funding Podcast, hosted by Laura Moore herself. During this legal podcast EP, Ross delves deep into the intriguing complexities of partnership disputes within the realm of personal injury law. The conversation unravels the nuances and implications of navigating these intersections, providing valuable insights for legal professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Key Takeaways from the Podcast:

– Insights into the unique challenges of partnership disputes in personal injury law.
– Strategies for effectively managing and resolving disputes within legal partnerships.
– The importance of collaboration and communication in maintaining successful legal partnerships.
We invite you to tune in to this insightful podcast episode and gain valuable perspectives from Ross Pitcoff. Click here to access the full episode on YouTube: Exploring The Intersection of Partnership Disputes & PI Law with Moore Injury Funding
Don’t miss this opportunity to explore the intersection of partnership dynamics and personal injury law with Ross Pitcoff. For more information or to contact Pitcoff Law Group, call: (646) 386-0990, visit: or email: today. We would be happy to assist you.

Protect Your Business: Learn How to Prevent Business Partner Theft

How To Stop Your Business Partner From Stealing From You:
In case you missed our recent live stream addressing how to prevent your business partner from stealing from you, fear not. We’re here with essential insights and strategies to safeguard your business.
Whether you couldn’t attend the live session or want to revisit the discussion, you can watch the recording here: ‘How To Stop Your Business Partner From Stealing From You’ to gain valuable knowledge on protecting your business interests.
At Pitcoff Law Group, we are committed to empowering business owners with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate challenging situations and safeguard their enterprises. Stay tuned for more insightful discussions and resources aimed at helping you succeed in business.


preliminary injunctions 101


Recent Resources – Pitcoff Law Group’s Legal Insights:

Navigating Business Dissolution: Protect Your Interests
Business dissolution marks the conclusion of a venture, often necessitated by various factors such as financial challenges, irreconcilable differences among partners, or shifts in market dynamics. Dissolution refers to the legal termination or winding up of a business entity, whether it be a partnership, corporation, or limited liability company. It involves the liquidation of assets, settlement of debts, and distribution of remaining proceeds among stakeholders.

This process is governed by state laws and typically requires adherence to specific procedural requirements. Proper dissolution is crucial for several reasons …
Cont. reading “Navigating Business Dissolution: Protect Your Interests”


Demystifying IP Infringements: Answers To The Top 10 FAQs
Intellectual property – such as trademarks or patents – can include some of the most valuable assets for business owners, but rights related to intellectual property are also difficult to protect, and even more challenging to enforce.
If you own a business, or have been accused of committing IP infringement, you need to know your rights.
Below are 10 of the most frequently asked questions about IP infringement …
Cont. reading “Demystifying IP Infringements: Answers To The Top 10 FAQs”



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