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Long Island, NY Shareholder Dispute Lawyers

If you have a shareholder dispute on Long Island, you need a shareholder dispute lawyer.
Our experienced Long Island shareholder dispute lawyers here at Pitcoff Law Group are ready to provide you with the legal help you need to resolve your conflict.
We have extensive knowledge of corporate law and understand the various intricacies of business that can lead to shareholder disputes.
So whether your issue is over the management of a business, a breach of fiduciary duty, or a simple disagreement, we can help you resolve it.
Our lawyers are on your side to help you have the strongest possible case and advocate for your side of the dispute.
We will work tirelessly to reach a beneficial result for you through negotiation, mediation or litigation, depending on the needs of the case!
If you have a shareholder dispute, call our Long Island shareholder dispute lawyers today to schedule a consultation.
Types Of Shareholder Disputes We Can Assist With
If you find yourself involved in a shareholder battle, it is crucial to seek the assistance of our experienced Long Island shareholder dispute lawyers.
Our firm is here to offer you the guidance and representation you need to safeguard your rights and interests.
Breach of fiduciary duty. Shareholders have a fiduciary duty to act in the best interests of the company and its shareholders. When a shareholder breaches this duty by engaging in self-dealing, misappropriation of company funds, or other improper actions, it can lead to significant financial harm to the company and its shareholders. Our experienced attorneys can help you navigate the complexities of these disputes and pursue legal remedies to hold the responsible party accountable.
Company control or management disputes. Shareholders may have differing opinions on important decisions such as hiring or firing executives, approving major business transactions, or setting strategic direction. These disagreements can lead to deadlock and hinder the company’s ability to operate effectively. Our firm can assist you in resolving these disputes through negotiation, mediation, or litigation, depending on the circumstances.
Shareholder agreements or operating agreements. These agreements govern the rights and obligations of shareholders and often include provisions relating to ownership interests, voting rights, buy-sell provisions, and dispute resolution mechanisms. When there is a disagreement regarding the interpretation or enforcement of these agreements, our knowledgeable attorneys can provide you with sound legal advice and representation.
If you have a shareholder dispute that falls into one of these categories, or one that is not listed here, our firm has the experience and resources to help you resolve the matter. Contact our Long Island shareholder dispute lawyers today to schedule a consultation and learn how we can help you protect your rights and achieve a favorable resolution to your dispute.
What Your Can Expect From Us
We offer legal advice and suggestions that are uniquely tailored to fit your business. Every document, company and state is different, so we will take the time to assess your specific situation to make sure that the legal recommendations work for you.
As a general rule, we will closely examine the governing agreement between your company and you to determine the scope of your rights and obligations and, accordingly, the other shareholders’ rights and obligations. We will determine whether mediation is required by the terms of the agreement, and, if mediation fails, whether arbitration is required or litigation is permitted. We can inform you as to how applicable laws may apply to your case, and help gather evidence from your business relationship to support your case.
After we obtain all the relevant facts, we will consult with you to identify your goals, what you most desire, and what you are willing to sacrifice. We will negotiate for you, and utilize our experience litigating shareholder disputes to obtain the best deal possible.
Trust Our Great Neck Shareholder Dispute Lawyers To Make Legal Simple
The resolution of your shareholder dispute and your rights in the matter will vary depending on the specific nature of the dispute, the structure of your business, and the terms outlined in the shareholder agreement.
Corporate law can often be competitive and exclusive, but our team is dedicated to hard work and making a real impact for our clients. Previous clients have expressed their appreciation for our commitment to honesty and ethics.
Our team is not just professional, but also personable.
We will take the time to thoroughly discuss all available options with you, ensuring that you feel confident about the way forward. Reach out to our Long Island shareholder dispute lawyers today to schedule a consultation.
We are more than happy to provide assistance.



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