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New York City, NY Breach Of Contract Lawyers

Dealing With A Breach Of Contract? Our Skilled Attorneys Can Explain Your Options And Protect Your Interests So Your Business Can Thrive.
Navigating an unfulfilled business contract, or being accused of not upholding your end of the bargain, is delicate – the success of your company depends, in large part, on the success of your contracts, so any breach (or alleged breach) is a big deal! At Pitcoff Law Group, our New York City breach of contract lawyers are here to help you achieve your business goals. Our extensive experience of business litigation and transactional matters gives us the specialized knowledge necessary to find the right solution for your situation.
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New York City Breach Of Contract Lawyers
Types Of Breaches Of Contract We Handle
We frequently assist small and mid-sized businesses, as well as large corporations, with the following issues:
Minor breaches – This occurs when the agreed upon goods or services aren’t rendered by the agreed upon due date.
Material breaches – This type of breach of contract occurs when something different is delivered, and not the exact agreed upon goods and services.
Actual breaches – This occurs when one party outright refuses or fails to honor the contract.
Anticipatory breaches – This type of breach of contract occurs when one party informs the other or declares in advance that they won’t be honoring the contract.
Our New York City breach of contract lawyers help with a variety of contract types, including:
  • Non-competes
  • Independent contractor agreements
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Commercial leases
  • Equipment lease agreements
  • Sales contracts
  • Vendor contracts
  • License agreements
  • Master services agreements (MSA)
  • Statements of work (SOW)
  • And others!
What Constitutes A Contract Breach?
All contracts, in order to be enforceable, have several elements. There has to be an offer, and an acceptance: consideration (something of value promised to be exchanged): awareness and capacity (awareness that an agreement is being entered into, of each party’s own free will, when they have a clear understanding of what the contract entails); and legality.
In order for you to prove that a breach of contract occurred, you have to prove that a contract with these elements existed and that the defendant failed to uphold the requirements of the contract. If a claim is brought against you, you have to defend against these same proofs.
What If I’m Trapped In A Bad Contract?
One of the most common scenarios we hear is where clients enter into a contract that was perhaps poorly written, or that had ambiguous terms, and then later realize that it would be disadvantageous to continue; however, they can’t see a way out of it without being sued.
We can review the contract and circumstances under which you signed the contract to see if there is a way that our New York breach of contract lawyers can have the contract rescinded (reversed). We can find out if the other party may have misrepresented or concealed facts, or pressured you to sign, and if those arguments may lead to the contract being nullified. If that’s not possible, we’ll work to find creative and legally compliant workarounds that free you from your obligations!
Pitcoff Law Group’s New York City Breach Of Contract Lawyers: The Premier Representation Your Business Deserves
Every day that a contract dispute drags on is another day that your time and attention are taken away from growing your business. Our New York City breach of contract lawyers at Pitcoff Law Group will work swiftly to resolve the issue and minimize the cost and disruption! While we are talented litigators who are experienced in the courtroom, we know that for small businesses especially, going to court is often not the ideal affordable remedy to their problem. That’s why we strive to negotiate an outcome that is in your business’s best interests in all aspects.
We’ll work one-on-one with you to make sure we are familiar with every detail of your case and then simplify the legal journey ahead! You can rest knowing that the future of your company is in great hands, and you can rely on our 65+ years of combined experience to ensure you are protected. Call Pitcoff Law Group to see if you qualify for a complimentary consultation.

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