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Shareholder Dispute Lawyers

Don’t Try To Navigate A Shareholder Dispute On Your Own! Pitcoff Law Group Is Here To Help Achieve A Successful Resolution
Shareholder disputes can be more complicated and more consequential than other types of business conflicts because they start inside the company. If they’re not managed correctly, they can cause huge issues for your business and potentially cause it to fail altogether.
You’ve worked hard to build your venture; getting experienced legal representation on your side can help you from losing it!
At Pitcoff Law Group, these kinds of disputes are the main thing we focus on.
Our Great Neck shareholder dispute lawyers will assist you in finding the ideal way to resolve the issue in a way that protects your interests and your future! Call today to see if you are eligible for a free consultation.
Great Neck Shareholder Dispute Lawyers
What Kinds Of Shareholder Disputes We Handle
On the surface, all shareholder disputes arise because someone feels that their rights have been infringed upon; the root cause of the majority of shareholder disputes is unclear agreements and communication.
Common causes of shareholder disputes we frequently encounter include:
  • A breach in the shareholder agreement (e.g., if a shareholder transfers their shares to a third party without going through the approval process laid out in the agreement, or doesn’t invest the specified amount of capital in the company).
  • Fiduciary mismanagement (e.g., if someone withholds important financial information or has a conflict of interest)
  • Disadvantaging minority shareholders (e.g., if minority shareholders aren’t issued proper dividends or are otherwise frozen out of decision making)
  • Compensation/contribution inequity (e.g., if shareholder employees with the same experience and training aren’t paid the same)
  • Concern over fraudulent activity (e.g., if owners are accused of illegal actions)
  • Disagreements over company direction (e.g., if shareholders can’t agree on major business decisions such as relocating or rebranding)
Litigation Doesn’t Have To Be The First Resort
A shareholder dispute can seem overwhelming because it threatens to cause a massive interruption to your daily operations and cause lasting division between the key decision makers responsible for your business’s future.
We want to resolve your shareholder dispute without dissolving the company or costing you thousands of dollars in legal fees! Our Great Neck shareholder dispute lawyers have resolved multi-million-dollar partnership disputes through mediation, without any litigation.
Going to court isn’t usually necessary, and especially if you are a small or mid-sized business, you should attempt to avoid that if possible. Not only can litigation be unpredictable, but it’s also time-consuming and expensive. It’ll require a significant portion of your time and energy that could be better used growing your company.
In some cases, the instability can have ripple effects on your clientele, your reputation, and your profits; that’s why it is in your best interest (typically) to move past the matter as quickly as possible. We will work to solve the problem internally or turn to mediation, arbitration, and other dispute resolution methods.
Trust Our Great Neck Shareholder Dispute Lawyers To Make Legal Simple
What your rights are, and what the right resolution is, will depend on the type of shareholder dispute you have, the structure of your business, and the language of the shareholder agreement in place.
Corporate law can be cutthroat and elitist, but we have a strong work ethic and a commitment to truly making a difference for our clients. Previous clients who have retained us have remarked that they appreciated our integrity.
Our team is both personable as well as professional. We will take the time to discuss all of your options with you so you can feel confident moving forward. Contact our Great Neck shareholder dispute lawyers today to see if you are eligible for a free consultation.
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