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Client Reviews

Ross was extremely knowledgeable, informative and understanding. He was able to give me information that was truly valuable in answering my concerns. The most important thing is that he has amazing listening skills.

J. F.

I began my work with Ross Pitcoff over five (5) years ago that had to deal with a personal real estate matter. He now manages all of the current and future legal matters for my business. Mr. Pitcoff is absolutely fantastic! He is results driven, responsive, and a pleasure to work with. One of the things about Mr. Pitcoff that sets him apart from other lawyers out there, is his understanding of small businesses and his ability to suggest and execute legal solutions that are nuanced and appropriate. To keep it plain and simple, he is incredibly smart, kind, level-headed, and has a personality that makes him pleasant to work with even in unpleasant situations. I highly recommend Mr. Pitcoff.

Ms. Katherine K.

Ross Pitcoff is a phenomenal lawyer to work with! Mr. Pitcoff helped me not only with writing contracts for my business but also dealing with my clients as well. One (1) example of how he really knows how to support you is: when I had a client who refused to pay their final bill. We finished their project and did everything they asked for but they were refusing to pay what we were owed in return. There was a lot of back and forth, which tends to be very frustrating to a business owner, so I decided to call Ross Pitcoff Law for support and I was lucky enough to speak with Mr. Pitcoff himself. Ross was able to not only handle the matter for me, but I was able to acquire all of the money that I was owed due to his excellent work. His professionalism and promptness is the reason why I hired him in the first place. Mr. Pitcoff not only knows how to get the job done, but really brings great confidence to the table which allows you to know everything will be okay in the end. Ross Pitcoff is good at what he does and his honesty is what allows you to trust him and his work. Another example is when I hired him to help with writing out a contract that I could then use when taking on new clients. He was able to not only create one for me but he also got it done within just a few days. He is extremely efficient and asks great questions in the process to make sure he exceeds your expectations. If you are considering Ross’s services, you won’t be disappointed!

Hadeel G.

Ross Pitcoff is a rockstar when it comes to securities and cryptocurrency matters! My matter has been a very complex and sensitive one. When it comes to my matter and when dealing with a foreign cryptocurrency case, he has done an incredible job. Mr. Pitcoff amazingly befriended the President of the company and within a little over one (1) month’s time, negotiated a stellar outcome for my wife and I. Mr. Pitcoff is creative, easy to reach, and he always kept me in the loop. I would highly recommend Ross for anything cryptocurrency-related. He is highly skilled with other legal matters as well.

Doug R.

Ms. Jennifer Harrington has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Where to even begin? Ms. Harrington is considerate, thorough, and extremely knowledgeable. She took the time to understand my matter in full, while keeping track of many changing factors in the process. You have to admire her ability to relate and astutely analyze details, and her tenacity that moves people to action. I highly recommend her if you are in need of legal services.

Mary S.

Jennifer Harrington is an extremely passionate lawyer and works hard for her clients! She has been going above and beyond to meet my needs, as well as her other client’s needs as well. I highly recommend contacting Ms. Harrington for your next legal matter!

J. D.

Pitcoff Law Group is a great corporate law firm and has helped us tremendously with our tax clients. They have done an outstanding job with what is in the best interest of their clients. Ross is a great attorney and very diligent and professional. It's a pleasure working with the team.

Farshad R.

I have had the pleasure of referring litigation matters to Mr. Ross Pitcoff for some time. I do so with confidence. Ross stands out as an attorney because of his professional demeanor and his attention to detail when analyzing legal issues, particularly novel ones. It is a pleasure to work with him.

Gianvito G. E.

Mr. Pitcoff is an amazing attorney who listens to your legal needs attentively and patiently. He advised me on the possible outcome of my case, and the outcome was exactly as he advised me. I can't think of any other law firm besides Pitcoff Law Group to handle my legal matters. Just have an initial consultation with Mr. Pitcoff, and you will see it for yourself how amazing he is. Thank you, Mr. Pitcoff!

Shi H. L. N.

Ross is a top-notch attorney. His knowledge and experience is matched only by his professionalism and bedside manner. Highly recommended!

Adam S.

A friend of mine was going through a legal matter that had to do with a potential contract breach and Ross Pitcoff was able to resolve it within a few days time. We were pleased with the results and would recommend Ross and his team to anyone in need of legal services.

Lee R.

Great experience and results working with Ross' firm. My swimwear company had an opportunity in the states and I needed help getting established in a new market. Ross was very knowledgeable about contracts and made sure my business was protected. I plan on working with him in the future.

Hiphip J.

Ross is an exceptional lawyer who truly cares about his clients and their well-being. He is an excellent orator, able to communicate clearly and provides vital information that is pertinent to the successful resolution of your case. When choosing a lawyer, you want someone who is both highly knowledgeable as well as trustworthy. Ross delivers on every level and provides you the peace of mind that you need in the moment that you need it most. It's easy to see by his actions that he has your best interest at heart. Thank you Ross for being there when we have needed you most!

Kamyar M.

My name is Kevin F. a former Cab Driver. I am now a Small Black business owner. I was having Unfair Business practice against my Business that almost sent me in Bankruptcy. I Hired Ross Pitcoff to go after the people that were setting me up to fail and he helped me to gain victory for my business. What I like about Pitcoff Law Group is that he give everyone equal treatment regardless if you are a Big are Small Company. It is not easy for us Black guys out here when we are try to be successful and I thank the Ross Pitcoff Law firm for helping to carry me from the heart. Love and respect from my heart.

Kevin F.

The support I received from Ross Pitcoff and team was personalized, timely, precise and very effective. I would highly recommend Pitcoff Law Group, PC.

Nicola V.

Our interaction was brief but I found Ross to be very professional and available. He was honest about where he was best placed to advise.

Rebecca S.

Ross Pitcoff is an excellent attorney and a strong advocate for his clients. I highly recommend him for your business and corporate litigation needs.

Michael A. G., E.

Our company has enjoyed working with Ross and his team. He's professional, pragmatic and a good listener, eager to deliver what's above all right for us. He's also a good human, and fun to work with. Always a bonus :)

Mara W.

Ross Pitcoff is a true professional and master attorney. He is direct, to the point, listens closely and empathetically, and seeks to resolve the case as expeditiously as possible without incurring unnecessary legal fees. More than highly recommend Ross Pitcoff.

Monique M. N.

Ross is very respectful of your time and professional. I will definitely be using this firm again when needed, and I would recommend the same for anyone. Jennifer has been an absolute pleasure to work with also. Where to even begin. She is considerate, thorough, and extremely knowledgeable. She took time to understand, while keeping track of many changing factors. You have to admire her ability to relate and astutely analyze details, and her tenacity that moves people to action.

Mary S.

5 Stars!

Dana J.

Ross Pitcoff is a very professional lawyer and was eager to help with any questions I had even though I was not his client, he went above and beyond to answer any questions I had regarding my situation. He took the time to learn about my situation and advised on how I should handle my case. He is very pleasant and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Ross Pitcoff.

Hayat R.

I signed a fraud contract by mistake on March 24 and I send thousands of dollars to the scammer on Internet, I called 12 lawyers NOT EVEN ONE was able to help me . When I called MR. ROSS PITCOFF ,just after 8 min that he heard my story he said I will get your money back and we will win. He is extremely smart, sharp, knowledgeable of crypto currency and internet fraud. With one letter that Mr. PITCOFF wrote and send the scammer who send me the fraud contract said he will pay my original back. I WILL 100% recommend him, and with the bottom of my heart I so appreciate for what he did for me. Romin. R (Beverly Hills, CA).

Romina R.

Ross Pitcoff Law is a terrific law firm I highly recommend.

Jason C.

I like this firm. Hearty people.

Abdul H.

Prompt, organized and helpful staff! Also complimentary consultation as promised. I would definitively work with the firm again!

Rachel S.

It’s hard to find any good things to say about any lawyers, but Ross is what all the other lawyers should be, but aren’t. Professional, courteous, humble and understanding. I am glad I was referred to him by a friend of mine.

Andy M.

I came to them in a time of panic and they immediately put my mind at ease. Professional, timely and honest is how I would describe the men and women at this firm. Keep up the amazing work.

Sara S.

Ross is the most professional and prompt attorney. He has an incredible memory to handle complex legal cases. I highly recommend him.

Aylin O.

Very professional with quick results. Would definitely engage again, if needed.

Chris S.

I contacted Ross after speaking to other lawyers who left me confused and anxious. I needed an immediate consultation. I received a quick response and was able to speak to Ross the next day. I got a solid, concrete answer to the problem I was looking for without beating around the bush, which other lawyers tried to do. I am very grateful and strongly recommend contacting Ross if you need honest, straight forward input and clarity on your issue. Thanks Ross, you’re very much appreciated!

Beata G.

I can’t say enough good things about Ross and his team. I was in a bad business contract. I contacted a few attorneys who advised me I was kind of out of luck. After my call to Ross, he advised me he needed to look through everything. And within 15 days of Ross reading over all the agreements. My contract was reversed or as legal calls it rescinded. And I couldn’t be happier. I would definitely recommend Ross and his team for any business matter!

Chris P.

Amazing professional service; I was quite impressed with the responsiveness and advice given.

M. L.

I had a wonderful conversation with Mr. Pitcoff. He took time out of his day to hear my concerns and give me guidance on what my options could potentially be. I left the conversation with the feeling that I had spoken to someone who cared about me and my situation. Having spoken with a few attorneys, he stood out as someone who went above and beyond what a typical attorney for a preliminary phone call. I highly recommend consulting him for any legal matters that may come your way.

Michael S.

Ross gave me a call back promptly and was extremely helpful.

Edward S.

I not only recommend attorney Ross Pitcoff, but I guarantee once you have used his service you too will look no further. He responds in an extremely timely manner, he is a very knowledgeable, trustworthy person. I really appreciate what he’s done for me. I would highly recommend him to everyone! Thanks Again, Ross!

Natasha G.

I called with a few questions about my specific problem and Ross was very knowledgeable and informative. He was also quick to put me at ease with possible outcomes. I would definitely recommend working with him since he was able to be so helpful on the fly.

Julian M.

Very knowledgeable and professional. Really cares about his clients. Would definitely hire Ross again!

Randon L.

After knowing Ross Pitcoff personally and professionally for many years, I can attest that he is ethical, moral, trustworthy and knowledgeable and is always available to answer questions.

Norman S.

Answered questions and gave good advice. Very helpful!

David F.

Ross Pitcoff is an excellent attorney. He is ethical, knowledgeable and responsive to client needs. He has assisted me and my business in a number of different situations. He always goes above and beyond client expectations. I highly recommend Ross and his firm.

Lisa M.

Ross is an absolute pleasure to work with. I came to him with a complicated question and and he was able to get it done in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend him to anyone.

Colin M.

I called Ross with an urgent matter that i had to resolve urgently and i needed a serious and sophisticated attorney who would be able to advise in a complex contract negotiations. Several agreements were needed and i was hoping to understand which one is better and why for my situation. Before calling Ross, I reached out to 5 attorneys and having developed some form of understanding of my dilemma i realized that none of those would be experienced enough to help, because i seemed to know more than them(obviously i might have been delusional, but the questions they asked were just telling of a lack of understanding and lack of experience of dealing with the problems i faced) Then i called the office of Ross and i realized after speaking with him for 10 minutes, that he is absolutely fantastic, results driven, attentive and knowledgeable and experienced attorney. On top of that Ross was very articulate, effective and pleasant to talk to and to work with. He sent me an email outlining my dilemma and options and outcomes late in a day and in it i found the blueprint of my solution that I was searching for long time. I was more than impressed with Ross. He was able to recommend a bespoke, unique solution that satisfied my needs and addressed many of the issues(he also offered several others and an outline of the pros and cons of each) that i faced in the best situation. It felt like a breath of fresh air, that I found an attorney who i was confident was knowledge to understand my issues and nuances of my dilemma. I highly recommend Ross to anybody, especially, if you require more than a cookie cutter approach for a complex situation for a difficult problem in business law, partnership agreement negotiations, etc. Thank you Ross, and i look forward to working with your office in the future.

Sergey K.

Working with Ross has been a Godsend. His compassion, understanding and kindness make this process so much easier. Anytime you need a lawyer it can be quite stressful but Ross takes that away and helps calm your nerves, simply by listening to you, understanding, and knowing what to do. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Jory S.

I went through so many attorneys until I met Ross & his team. They solved my main issue that I had legally for the last 3 years. He was professional and resourceful. I referred all my clients and friends. When they asked me ''Do you know a good attorney that I could trust & solve my problem''. Ross and his team will solve the problem! Hire them.

Hassan B.

I recommend Ross Pitcoff as an eminently qualified attorney. He is bright, articulate, caring and compassionate. But his best quality is his ability to communicate his thoughts and ideas and to listen to your concerns. He belongs on anyone's "A-list" of attorneys.

Ann L.

I have personally experienced the legal expertise of Ross Pitcoff and can say I have always been very impressed with both his intelligence and ability to communicate clearly. I believe communication is extremely important between a lawyer and his client and have found Mr. Pitcoff to be a master of highly accurate communication. I would heartily recommend Mr. Pitcoff for any project that would require an attorney. He is bright thoughtful and caring.

Robert L. M.D.

Ross is a fabulous attorney. He is extremely self motivated and always stays on top of the latest legal information - his video summary of the CARES Act was extremely impressive. Ross gives his all to his clients and always strives for the best outcome possible. I couldn't recommend Ross more!

Adam U.

Ross was a pleasure to work with. Extremely punctual, keeps you up to date and makes you feel like a friend while taking care of your business!

Chef G.

Ross is a terrific guy who can make anyone feel comfortable and well taken care of. Legally he is brilliant!

Carrie P.

Ross, did great work and solved our frivolous case. After spending over 12 months in court and been given a run around by lawyers we found Ross and he exceeded all expectations. Great listener, understands the issue and addresses it pragmatically. Highly, Highly recommend for anyone looking for a empathetic attorney.

R. R.

Ross is a man of integrity and heart. He not only listens carefully to his clients needs, he takes massive action that serves his clients at the highest level. I highly recommend Ross and his firm.

Dug M.

Ross is an excellent legal mind and has demonstrated time and time again his capabilities in both the court room and board room. I'd recommend Ross to any of my colleagues.

Scott B.

Excellent attorney, period.

A. C.

Looking for an attorney with integrity an high standards? Then Ross Pitcoff is the attorney for you. Ross has given me outstanding business legal advice throughout the years and I highly recommend him. He is my go-to attorney on all my business legal questions.

Bob T.

When I want someone to defend me against injustice, I have my lawyer to call. Patient, effective and devoted to his clients, Ross has stepped to the plate on multiple occasions for me, my business and my family. I highly recommend him.

Nicole M.

As to legal counsel, I demand excellence, demonstrative knowledge of my output, swift and accurate communication, and extreme attention to detail. In my experience, when facing a complex issue, Pitcoff Law Group, PC effortlessly contends with the many moving pieces, executing each motion smoothly, often without interruption. When Oscar Wilde groused that "nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing," he did not anticipate Mr. Pitcoff's holistic grasp of the urbanity of practicing law while solving complex problems under pressure. With Mr. Pitcoff, it's a relationship, not a paycheck.

Mark H.

I worked with Ross for a number of years in law. Ross is a hard-working diligent attorney and I found him to be easy to work with, and a strong advocate for his clients.

Kelly D.

I had the pleasure of working with Ross on an estate issue. Ross was professional in his approach, responsive to my questions and, with his guidance, allowed me to resolve the issue favorably. I would certainly utilize Ross's services again if the need arises.

Marc H.

Highly recommend! Ross is amazing at what he does, incredibly responsive, knowledgeable, answering my questions, putting my fears and concerns to rest, providing very clear and detailed advice.

Sophia L.

Ross recognizes the needs of a rapidly changing world. So he has been incisive in his decision making and he has been able to bring his knowledge and that expertise to his clientele. And he was very caring and supportive during my time with him.

Roberta F.

I have been in business for over 20 years and have had numerous occasions to use attorneys. Recently I had the opportunity to deal with Ross Pitcoff to help me understand a legal situation that I was facing in my fashion/design business. His expertise was exceptional and his manner of explaining the steps we had to take to resolve my situation was insightful, professional and on target. Most importantly he led me to a winning outcome. It was such a positive experience that I have recommended him to many of my business associates.

Linda S.

I have known Ross since he first passed the Bar Exam. He was referred by a friend who indicated he was a bright individual with a good knowledge of real estate law.... I was very pleasantly surprised.... Not only could he guide me through a difficult lease agreement, but in addition, found myself talking to a mature, well mannered, composed individual who had a most insightful grasp of business in general.... I have used Ross many times through the years in various aspects of my businesses. Recently he drafted a Patent Pending Document for a detailed design involving the fashion industry... I can't say enough about him. Not only as an attorney, but as one of the most pleasant people to work with.... Talk to him. You won't be disappointed!

Artie G.

I had a great experience working with Mr. Ross. I needed legal advice. He spent an ample amount of time explaining to me my options and what will be best. Mr. Ross is a sincere lawyer that is looking out for his clients. He is very professional. He explains everything on a level that is understandable. I would recommend his firm to anyone. I appreciated his time. Recently, he gave an informative talk regarding start up businesses. He explained with a legal sense what is most beneficial for individuals looking to start a business. His advice was priceless.

Christine B.

Ross has represented my fashion company for over 6 years. During that period of time, he's helped us in litigation related matters, and acted as General Counsel, helping us with matters including intellectual property filings, employment contracts, and editing, reviewing, and consulting on many other types of agreements. He's been a great asset to the business and his Firm's work is very appreciated!


Ross Pitcoff is a phenomenal lawyer. He has a very deep understanding of his practice and is highly responsive. Ross also has an uncanny ability to roll with punches and come up with sensible solutions under the circumstances. I highly recommend, Ross.


Ross is first class in every way. I have worked with Ross on several occasions and in each instance, he has conducted himself with the upmost degree of professionalism. In the many years I have worked with Ross and solicited his advice / opinion on a varying degree of matters, he has promptly and astutely demonstrated his expertise and knowledge every time. If anyone is interested in or in need of legal assistance, advice, or representation, then I highly recommend Ross Pitcoff. He is as good as it gets both as a person and an attorney.

Rishin P.

Ross Pitcoff worked on a business need of ours and did exceptional on it. He freely gave up professional advice and worked for several months to make sure we were satisfied. We will surely use his services again in the near future!

Shabazz B. M.

We are extremely fortunate to have Ross take care of our legal affairs. He has earned our trust and respect. Highly recommend.

HV Social Media

Ross is the one of the most well rounded attorney's I know! Very professional and always willing to go above and beyond! He is a pleasure to work with.

William U.

Professional, knowledgeable, courteous and always available. Highly recommend.

Roger N.

Ross is very professional and a pleasure to work with, highly recommend.

Stephen D.

Mr. Pitcoff is exactly the type of lawyer you need by your side. He is well-prepared & well-spoken in Court.

Salman R.

Helped with a legal matter and did a great job. Highly recommended, personable and sharp!

Evan L.

As a marketing agency owner, I've had the pleasure to work with many wonderful clients and serve them to the best of our ability. However, occasionally you can get a client that becomes difficult and for one reason or another decides not to pay our company for the work that was completed. On one occasion, we had a client that would not pay us because we would not do work that was outside of our agreement that we initially agreed upon. After several failed attempts of invoicing this client, they stopped communicating with us entirely, and we knew that we needed another strategy if we wanted this to work. Thankfully we turned to Ross and his firm guided us on what we could do that would settle the matter in the quickest way possible. After a series of messages that were formulated by Ross and his team, we were able to get this former clients' attention, and then we finally were able to get them to pay our invoice. Without Ross and his teams help we likely would've had to call that invoice a wash, and would've lost out on understanding how to handle future disputes with clients. I highly recommend Ross if you find yourself stuck with a current/ former client that has been difficult! Thank you again Ross!

Mark G.

Ross couldn't have been more responsive and helpful. I had him review a sale agreement and he got back to me the very next day and had a complete detailed red lined version back to me that same day. Very positive and easy experience and learned a lot in the process. Highly recommend to anyone seeking his advice!

Michael C.

Ross Pitcoff is the most amazing and professional attorney I know. He helped our Brand Creative Colors get our Trademark filed and registered from start to finish. A 10 month process that Ross handled single handedly. Whenever any questions arose on the matter Ross dealt directly with the USPTO office and kept the process moving forward. We got our approval upon the first submission without any question due to the skill set and knowledge he possesses. True champion who knows his business law inside and out!!! If you need your trademarks registered, DO NOT trust the $149 DIY options unless you want to pull your hair out. Give the job to the pro. Ross Pitcoff. Ross will be doing any and all business legal matters for us and our million dollar brand in the future. Hands down.

Jason P.

Ross is the best attorney I ever worked with in New York, who helped me successfully defended a case that my former lawyer said I have 0% chance of defending!

Justin C.

A highly competent, professional, and results-driven law firm. Ross is an expert business litigator with a wide range of experience across industries.

Fara S.

Mr. Pitcoff is an awesome human being. I randomly called Mr. Pitcoff' office asking for help understanding some paperwork, and he broke everything down to me. I could tell that he is reliable, honest, and genuine lawyer. Recommended

Tamara S.

Ross Pitcoff is a knowledgeable, quick, and detail-oriented attorney that has experience in handling cases from many different fields. As a realtor, I have recommended him to many of my clients (buyer/seller, tenant/landlord, commercial/business, etc...) and he is often praised by clients for being exceptionally caring and patient no matter how strenuous the situation may be. Ross is a great attorney I recommend highly.

Michael S.

I have retained Mr. Ross Pitcoff for numerous legal needs ranging from Copyright applications to Partnership agreements to Estate Probate and I am consistently impressed by his sage guidance, thorough contractual work, and personable, efficient service. I would (and have, over and over) recommend Mr. Ross Pitcoff to anyone in need of legal aid across a wide array of areas as he merges his detailed knowledge with a human element that is hard to come by nowadays. He has helped me navigate complex business arrangements and prepare for whatever curve balls the future may throw. 5 Stars. A+++

George C.

Mr. Pitcoff is the most professional attorney I have ever met. He is responsible, efficient and productive. Mr. Pitcoff took care of my case (real estate) as of his own and made me feel safe and protected over the power of law and his professionalism. Mr. Pitcoff is able to explain difficult and lengthy legal terms/documents into simple and refined language. Furthermore, the entire legal consultation was done via phone calls and emails. To this day, I still can't believe you can receive such professional legal service without even meeting the lawyer! I strongly recommend Mr. Pitcoff as your choice of attorney. Schedule a call with him first and you will be in good hands.

S. X.

I hired Ross for a small legal matter about 6 months ago involving a false claim made on social media. It was a situation that could have permanently damaged my business’s reputation. Ross acted quickly, intelligently, and effectively. The matter was resolved within 5 business days and I could not have been happier.

Steven M.

Ross and his team provided excellent service, demonstrating professionalism and personal attention to all aspects surrounding my move. Ross is extremely reliable, detail oriented, and efficient. He went above and beyond to ensure that we were treated fairly and not taken advantage of by our existing landlord. In addition, he provided a sense of comfort to us just knowing that he was representing us during an unpleasant time. He was truly a pleasure to work with and we would recommend his services to anyone in need of a great attorney.

Patrick N.

Highly recommend, great with following-up with his clients, even a year later! Ross is an extraordinary lawyer. Not sure where to even begin. I am extremely impressed with his professionalism and compassion for clients, even those that are not his. He's often a helping hand. I would highly recommend him for the following reasons: he's personable, tech savoy, punctual, versatile across different fields of law, he doesn't over promise, and he is dedicated to his client's successful outcomes which I have to think he must have lost SOME sleep over..he works very hard and is very efficient and succinct with his communication as an attorney. He's a great counsel. What I'll remember most are his nice metaphorical stories he always has in his pocket, that help in the face of making difficult decisions. Ross is a one of a kind lawyer, even stern in a fatherly way at times. That's how I know his advice is sound. He has a unique ability to really see things from his client's point of view, and recommend the best solution in any situation.

Devie S.

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